Pro Precision, LLC. is an ISO certified machining facility with extensive experience in CNC machining and fabrication of a wide range of engineered plastics, stainless steel, steel alloys and other materials. We are ready to meet or exceed our customers' needs.




Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Pro Precision is a full-service automated CNC manufacturing facility.  Whether you are looking for custom prototypes or large-scale production manufacturing, we deliver both quality and on-time delivery.  



Our specialties include precision machining for the defense, aerospace, semiconductor and commercial industries, as well as medical components. We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding the precise needs and specifications of each and every one of our customers.



Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Pro Precision is strategically situated to manufacture and deliver to customers in the American southwest, as well as nationwide. We are equipped to develop and machine precision metal and plastic components for any client, regardless of their location.